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Want to bring your pet to Australia? 


Pets moving to Australia via an unapproved country no longer need to stay in an approved country for 6 months!


Check out Australia's new policy for bring pets from "Non-Approved Country via Category 2 or 3 country".


Atlas Source is equipped to assist in your pet's move to Australia in line with the new policy moving your pet via a short stint in Singapore to complete the necessary requirements set by Australia. 


We've argued, negotiated and bugged both countries to establish the smoothest route to bring pets from unapproved countries to Australia via Singapore. 


Done right, your pet will only have to spend about 1.5 months in Singapore prior to moving to Australia. 


Drop us an enquiry or call us  if you'd like to explore this option further.  

Want to bring your pet to New Zealand? 



If your pet has not spent the last 6 months in the following Category 1 to 3 countries, the unfortunate fact is that you will need to move your pet to one of these countries first


Your pet will then have to spend at least 6 months there before moving to New Zealand.


For South East Asian countries, Singapore is a popular choice to keep your pets till they are ready to go to New Zealand. 


You can use the search bar on the right to check if your country is in the list. 

There is an alternative travel route that involves bringing your pet from an unappoved country to Singapore followed by Australia followed by New Zealand .This would involve about 4.5months of preparation in the origin country, 1.5 months in Singapore and another 1.5 months in Australia before finally arriving in New Zealand. Please contact us if you wish to explore this option 

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