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Not sure if your pet is ready to travel?
The questions below will help you have a basic idea 

1. Is your pet restricted for import by the destination country?


2. Is your pet restricted for travel by the airline you're hoping to fly them on?


3. Has your pet been microchipped?


4. Has your pet finished his/her puppy/kitten vaccination shots? (2-3 boosters)


5. Have you reviewed and achieved the vaccination and blood test requirements of the destination country? Can they be done by the time you intend to move your pet?


Steps 1-4 is the very minimal for relocating your pet. If you are unsure of Step 5, do contact us.

What to pack/ not to pack for your pet's journey


To pack


  • Familiar scented rug/cloth*

    • This should be preferrably heavy and thick so it stay at the bottom of the travel crate. Pets undergoing stress may turn to tearing up the items within the crate and may get tangled with the loose cloth resulting in worse situations. 

  • Toys*

    • Ensure that the toy is not small enough to fall out of the crate. Brittle toys are not recommended. 1-2 toys is sufficient.

  • Collar/ID Tag

    • While it is not mandatory, it is in good sense to have your pet wear a ID tag with owner's contact information. 



The following should be placed OUTSIDE the crate


  • Leash/Harness

    • This is usually forgotten or omitted because owners are afraid that they become stolen/lost. Please pack a cheap one in that case. 

    • Certain airlines have policies that allow pets to be let out of their crates to be walked and a leash is appreciated. 

  • Food pack

    • This should be placed in a ziplock bag and tapped securely to the outside of the crate. One meal's worth will be sufficient. Kibble (dry food is preferrable). Should you wish to pack wet food, ensure that it is sealed and taped in a manner that it would not be crushed if the crate is moved about.

  • Water

    • Airlines prefer one 2 of two options: Drip bottle and attached water bowl with funnel (usually comes with more expensive travel crates). 

    • TIP: for excess baggage, remove the water bottle during the weigh in. For cargo, get a drip bottle that is more flushed against the crate. The extra space the bottle takes outside the crate is counted towards your volumetric weight and is thus in the freight calculation (around S$50 difference). 

  • Copy of Pet documents

    • Unless travelling via cargo whereby the original documents should follow the pet, scanned copies of the originals should be taped to the outside of the crate. 

  • Medication and instructions

    • You should seek the advice of a vet to see if your pet's health allows him/her to travel.

    • There's never too many labels and instructions. Keep the instructions clear and legible and provide an emergency number. 


Not to pack/do
  • ​DO NOT sedate your pets

    • Sedation lowers the blood pressure. During flight where the air pressure is low, it would affect the pet even more. Worst case scenario could result in death.

  • DO NOT pack cord or bone treats within the crate

    • They may injure your pet in his excitement and can cause choking. 


* Certain countries will destroy toys and cloths upon your pet's arrival. Various airlines and destination countries may have additional restrictions. Except for the pet, please do not pack anything you cannot afford to lose. 


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