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In considering the move of a pet from one country to another, there are a total of THREE entities and their requirements to be concerned about:


1. Exporting Country

2. Importing Country

3. Airline

When applicable: Country of Transit


The requirements of all THREE must be fulfilled to ensure that the pet travels without incident or stress. In most cases, relocating your pet can be done by youself. However, the greatest hurdle to accomplish the various requirements is in the timing of each meeting each requirement. Any mistake or delay of a single step could possibly reset the entire schedule. <- This is not an exaggeration. 



Basic requirements

With respect to pet relocation, the following shows the most basic requirements.

(Please note that timings are not given as each country will have their own rules)


  • Microchipping: Your pet, with no exception, must be microchipped. Even if it is not required in both exporting and importing country, the airlines needs to know that the pet they are transporting is the same one that has been declared healthy to travel. 

  • Annual Vaccination: Even for puppies and kittens, some level of vaccinations is required.

  • Rabies Vaccination: Please note that this is usually referred separately from Annual vaccinations. Most, if not all countries and airlines require this as a requirements for relocation. 

  • Age: 12 weeks or after a kitten/puppys vaccination boosters is the earliest a cat/dog must be to be eligible for export. Other importing countries may have different requirements based on where the pet is from. 


If you are intending to move your pet as soon as possible, the above must at least be satisfied. 



Additional requirements/ factors

Depending on where the requirements of both exporting and importing country, preparation for export (assuming the basic requirements are met) take from 2 weeks to a year and they consist of:


  • Timelines restrictions e.g. Singapore requires pets exported from Category D countries to have been vaccinated against rabies at least 6 months prior to import. 

  • Blood/lab test: This may take 10 days to months depending on where the blood sample is sent to. 

  • Rabies Neutralising anti-bodies Titres (RNAT) test, Rabies Serology Test (Different names of test for rabies antibodies)

  • Annual Vaccinations + Additional vaccinations

  • Internal/External Parasite treatments

  • Veterinary Endorsements

  • Export and Import Permit applications

  • Breed restrictions and seasonal no-fly timings for airlines

    • Certain breeds are not allowed for travel on certain airlines.

    • Depending on the region and weather of the flight route, certain airlines have restrictions on snub-nosed breeds. i.e. Pug, Bulldogs, Exotic Shorthair.




We invite you to drop an enquiry form to us so that we may qualify whether your pet has met the basic requirements and if additional requirements are necessary.

This service is free as it is truely about encouraging you NOT to leave your pets behind. 




Basic Requirements
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