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What boarding/hotel options does my pet have in Singapore?



If your pet is in transit via Singapore and requires a short stay, you may find yourself asking the question above. For those who may be relocating to Singapore and may find themselves travelling quite a bit and require a facility to watch over your dog, you may find the following useful as well. 


The following gives a brief introduction to the types of facilities in Singapore. A number review is given for:


Peace of mind: How well will your pet do? And how often will updates about your pet's wellbeing be?

Hygiene: Cleanliness of the place. How low is the risk of contracting diseases. 

Equipment: Facilities such as grooming, pool, dog run areas, treadmills etc

Price: An estimate of the price per night/day

Value of money: A arbitrary figure for the budget conscious. 



Boarding/Hotel options in Singapore. 




The upfront sentiment is that this option is NOT RECOMMENDED. 

Regardless of how such facilities are presented or cleaned up in pictures or on opening day where everything looks new and clean, such facilities are filled with anxious dogs barking and snarling at one another across rusted fences. The risks of death and illeness is comparatively higher than other options. 


Peace of mind: 3/10

Hygiene: 1/10

Equipment: 5/10 

Price: S$30 and up

Value for Money: 3/10

Overall: 2/10





There are generally two kinds in this category,

  • Your neighborhood groomer may offer boarding services ranging from staying within the shop or brought home. 

  • Professional faciliites will have dedicated boarding services whereby the facilities are areas designated for eat, play/exercise and also sleep. 


Peace of mind: 8/10

Smell: 8/10

Equipment: 6/10

Price: S$45 and up (most expensive option)

Value of Money: 4/10

Overall: 7/10





A hidden subset fo service providers who are


  • Professionals: Like the professional boarding faclities listed in the above, the only difference is that facilities are the home of the service providers. This could mean that care is round the clock but it would also mean there is a smaller human to dog ratio. It is best to check the facility's reviews. 


  • Part time dog lovers/trainers: You can find these service providers on websites like Please use due diligence in deciding who to use as your service provider. 


Peace of Mind: ?/10

Smell: ?/10

Equipment: ?/10

Price: S$10 and up

Value of Money: 9/10

Overall: ?/10



There are major differences to each type of facilities as well as each facility within each category. 

Should you like our personal recommendation, please do not hesitate to ask. We will need to know more about the mannerism and character of your pet to give you our most suitable recommendation. 

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